About “Inside The Ring”

If you want to hide something, publish it in a magazine.”

Members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians are sitting on a goldmine of magical knowledge in the archives of The Linking Ring magazine. This show intends to shine a light down there to see what we can discover.


About The Show

A monthly video show, each episode roughly 60 minutes, filled with a variety of magic from the pages of the Linking Ring magazine.

Each episode is loosely bound to the latest issue published that month, interviewing and highlighting a few columnists, writers, or even subjects of the current edition.

The show also digs into the archives, plucking the “best of,” or at the least some of  the most interesting items, found in the pages dating back to 1922.

New episodes are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month, broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

About The Host

Inside The Ring is the creation of Ryan Pilling, magician and IBM member since 1997.

Writer of Ryan’s Tips & Tricks for Magicians, lecturer, author of Finding The Funny, and Magician in Progress.

Ryan Pilling


“Inside The Ring” is an independent production by Ryan Pilling. While it has the encouragement of the IBM, and publisher of the Linking Ring magazine, it is not officially affiliated with the organization.