Broadcast Live July 20, 2021

The third Tuesday brings a new episode of “Inside The Ring,” broadcasting live on the I.B.M. Facebook page. Each monthly episode digs into the pages of The Linking Ring magazine, past and present, to highlight and share the amazing magic and magicians you may have missed.

The feature guest is Craig Beytien, of Illusion Arts Magic. A recent Linking Ring columnist with “Petite Magia,” bringing us building plans for the table-top wizard. Craig builds magic props which are amazingly beautiful and beautifully amazing. Tonight we get a show-and-tell of some favourites items, and more stories from the workshop.

Ryan Pilling hosts the show and hunts through The Linking Ring archives to bring you his regular segments. “Really Late News” reports on tid-bits of magical history, and “Hidden Gems” takes magic from the page to the stage, building and presenting great magic discovered in old Parades.

Show Notes

0:01:14 – Welcome
0:04:22 – Interview with Craig Beytien
0:16:16 – Demo of Tesseract Transposition
0:18:25 – Prop Building Tips
0:32:15 – Illusion of Negative Space
0:34:40 – Late News – Book Reviews
0:50:42 – The Trick Brain and Random Ideas
0:56:50 – Mike Powers Card Corner – schMOOZ
1:03:05 – Hidden Gem – Bucakareeno II
1:08:49 – Signing Off