Scheduled for February 16th, 2021 at 8 PM Central

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Each month “Inside The Ring” digs into the pages of the Linking Ring Magazine, the official publication of the International Brotherhood of Magicians since 1922. There is a wealth of magical gems tucked within those pages, and tonight we shine the light on a few of them.

This episode is jam-packed with magic!

Chuck Caputo joins us to show and share the inventions of Tony Anverdi, a magical genius well ahead of his time. This is magic that might shock you, literally!

Fox Valley Ring 398 members stepped up to answer the call and demonstrate some fine magic from their Hocus Pocus Parade, with appearances by Marv Roth, Michael Schroeder, and Daryl Rogers.

Really Late Magic News has uncovered some real juicy 97-year-old gossip!

The aim of this show is to inspire, and so it is! Your host, Ryan Pilling, was inspired by one contributor to look more closely at an old trick from 1944 and make some changes. All will be revealed in an effort to pass the torch onward and breathe new life into an old trick.

Mike Powers joins us from the Card Corner to share a real quick trick from Ed Hass, which wastes no time getting to strong magic!

Finally, Ryan shares his homework from the previous episode, answering his own “Scavenger Hunt Challenge” and learning about home-town magicians of the past.


Show Notes

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