Broadcast Live on Tuesday, March 16 2021 at 8 PM Central

Take a trip inside the pages of The Linking Ring Magazine as we share and highlight some of the gems you’ll find inside current and past issues.

This month Ronald Rychlak joins us to share some tricks and thoughts from his One-Man Hocus Pocus Parade full of practical ideas and variations with props you may already own.

“Auto-magic” columnist Micheal Breggar is back for another session of self-working magic; a fun mentalism stunt with a newspaper (and some tearable jokes!)

Show Notes

00:01:05 – Introduction and greetings

00:03:44 – Dane Dover demonstrates “Bill Trap” The Linking Ring – September 2019

00:07:05 – Ronald Rychlak shares some magic from his Hocus Pocus Parade in The Linking Ring – March 2021

00:26:28 – The Really Late Magic News

00:31:42 – Michael Breggar shares “A Day at the Super(Natural) Market” from his Auto-magic column in The Linking Ring – March 2021

00:50:08 – Michael Breggar demonstrates “The Dating Game” from The Linking Ring – December 2015

1:03:26 – Card Corner – Luis Carreon performs “Pasole Homing Card” from The Linking Ring – March 2021

1:08:43 – Ryan Pilling shares an idea using Henry Holava‘s “Simple Card Switch” from The Linking Ring – March 2021